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Optiply is a user friendly forecasting en purchasing tool for webshops. This results in automated and optimized purchasing orders. This saves time which you need to grow your business, but more importantly reduces inventory levels and lost sales. This automatically leads to respectively more working capital and more revenue. Start today with your 14 day free trial or request a demo on our website.


Optiply is easily integrated with your current webshop software. This can be your e-commerce platform, warehouse management system or even your enterprise resource planning system. With a push on the button we collect all the data required to run our purchasing algorithm. To make sure you're able to work within your current systems we can automatically import our purchasing advice.

Assortment Analysis

Inventory optimization starts by categorising your assortment in a so called ABC-category. Category A considers all fast movers, for which you want to make sure there are no stock-outs whatsoever. On the oposite category C contains the long-tail, for which you want to limit inventory because of the risk of not selling it at all. Category B are the products in between these two extremes. Result: a balanced inventory.
Assortiments analyse

Purchasing agenda

By fiding a balance in inventory costs and ordering costs for each supplier we determine the review period. By translating this into a purchasing agenda we creat structure in your supply management. Eventually this makes your purchasing process more controlable.
Inkoop agenda


We mainly forecast based on historical sales data which we directly import from your integrated ERP, WMS or CMS. To improve our forecasting we are continiously adding more datasources like Google ranking, competitors prices, web analytics etc.

Trends & seizonallity

We continiously analyse trends and seasonalities in the sales data. By automatically translating this into our purchasing advice we are able to fit our supply even better to our expected demand. This makes sure you don't have to worry about the growth in your sales, the algorithm automatically pics this up. You can imagine this saves a lot of time in the purchasing process.

Automatic purchasing advice

By using extended forecasting techniques to continiously analyse trends and seasonality we're able to automate your purchasing. Don't bother with constantly monitorring your products re-order point, order-up-to level or order quantity. Our purchasing algorithm makes sure you have the right amount of products at te right time at the right place. The collor index makes it simple to identify the less reliable products like new products. We fully automate the purchasing process of 90% of our assortment and leave only the exceptions for your approval. You can either use our purchasing software or implement the algorithms results in your own ERP or WMS.
Automatisch inkoopadvies

Export purchasing orders

After checking the purchasing advice you can directly send an order to your supplier or export the purchasing order for manual processing. Next step is to implement an order directly in the suppliers ERP.


The dashboard gives you a quick overview of your performance on inventory levels, service levels and the rotating frequency. The graph tells you how much of the demand you were able to fulfil directly from stock and the table gives you more insight in the inventory levels of each category.


There are always exceptions fot which you don't want to optimize your inventory. Really big orders are a good example. You don't want to deliver these orders straight from stock, while you have to disappoint a lot of small customers on the long run. Optiply detects these exceptions and enables you to treat these seperately.

Supplier statistics

Delivery times, fixed order (delivery) cost, MOQ's, lot-sizes and quantity discounts are all of big influence on inveentory optimization models. These variables can be easily imported from your ERP/WMS or you can simply add them in Optiply. To make sure you don't run out of stock because of late deliveries Optiply continuesly measures delivery times and the variation in these delivery times. So if a specific product has regular supplying issues the algorithm will advice you to stock-up because of the unreliable supplier.

Product analytics

The product analytics page gives you the opportunity to get some in depth statistics like forecasting, inventory levels and service levels on specific products. Check wich products are out of stock, which are over stocked and if we expect back-orders or lost sales.