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Forecasting & supply management software for webshops
Automate your supply and prevent high inventory levels and lost sales
USP 1:
Automatic purchasing

It's difficult and time consuming to determine what, when and how much to order for hundreds of products, let alone if you have thousands. In our purchase planning you can easily see when and how regular you order at every supplier. Because Optiply is directly integrated with your e-commerce software we can automatically detect trends and seasonalities. Our automated purchasing advice tells you exactly which products and quantity to order. You simply double check our purchasing advice and place your order with one click.

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USP 2:
25% less inventory

Our algorithm optimizes your inventory by joining your supply seamlessly to your sales. Our purchasing advice is taking trends an seasonal effects into account to make sure your inventory position is always on the right level. Not to low so that you have to sell short, but also not to much so that you get stuck with unsalable stock. Less money in inventory leaves more money to grow your business.

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USP 3:
10% higher revenue

Our purchasing advice helps you decide which articles, when and how much to order. Because you have the right inventory levels at the right moment the amount you sell short decreases. This automatically leads to more revenue and higher customer satisfaction.

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